Company Profile

Since 1986, ADOS Pakistan has been the leading manufacturer of critical oilfield equipment in Pakistan. It has a premier American Petroleum Institute licensed facility to manufacture API monogram products, with a guaranteed aftermarket support.

It has a solid commitment to quality indigenous manufacturing of critical oilfield equipment, therefore it has ensured zero product non-conformances till date. As a result, it has remained the exclusive supplier of majority of the oil exploration and production companies in Pakistan. 

ADOS has maintained a licensing agreement with the leading global and Chinese oilfield equipment manufacturer, enabling it to manufacture their products are its premier facility. Its highly qualified and competent in-house consultants, engineers, machinists, fabricators and welders form a solid core of expertise to offer valuable solutions to its customers. In addition to oilfield equipment, ADOS has retrofitted numerous armoured vehicles for law enforcement agencies, corporations and private individuals.

ADOS’s exceptional quality is the foundation of its business, and is the driving force for all decisions regarding materials, design, production and customer relations. Its commitment to quality guarantees success and satisfaction to local oil exploration and production companies.

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